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Prolific- Olive Felt Fedora Hat

Prolific- Olive Felt Fedora Hat

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There's nothing quite better than the perfect fedora, and I'm not saying that we don't try to accomplish that with all our fedoras, but this one in particular has a special place in my heart. From the intricate design we put in the hat band to the type of feather we chose to go with it. The Prolific Olive hat is a gem of gems. Handmade in the USA this Gary Watrous design is as common as a four leaf clover. Each handmade to be as unique as the next. No two Prolifics have the exact same finish. Lined with fur along the brim this hat is an iconic choice for any event.

Description -Material: Wool Felt -Brim 3 1/2" -Crown 4 1/2" -Laser Engraved Hair Hat Band -Feather in Hat Band Take on the world in style.

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